Trinity College of Arts & Sciences at Duke University Program II

Past Program II Titles

Over 500 programs of study have been approved in the forty-six years of Program II's existence.  The range of topics is enormous, and each program is unique, designed individually by the student who conceived it. 

To enable you to look at what others have done in Program II before you, we have organized the past Program II titles under the seventeen (17) interdisciplinary areas that appear in the left column.  Some also have sub-categories, making it relatively easy for you to navigate the titles to find those that may overlap to a degree with your own academic interests. 

If you are preparing to apply to Program II, you will not serve your interests well if you look to the lists of past titles as a shelf from which to choose a topic.  Picking a topic that was approved in the past is no guarantee that it would be approved again for you.  The Program II Committee will not consult a previous program that was similar to yours but will evaluate your program proposal strictly on its own merits. 

Note: New applicants to Program II are not permitted to see previous applications that have been approved except those that have been published on this website as examples of how applications might be prepared.