Trinity College of Arts & Sciences at Duke University Program II

AREA STUDIES: Sub-Categories Grad Year Title         Advisor/s
  1974 Culture Change in Modern Africa Hartwig
ASIA: East      
  1970 Modern Chinese History Parker
  1973 Southeast Asian Political Systems Eldridge, A. 
  1975 Japanese Studies Silberman
  1977 Middle-Eastern Studies Lawrence, B.
  1984 China in Depth Davis, R.
  1987 Documentary Photography in Relation to China Davis, R. & A. Harris
  2007 Documenting Asian America: Documentary Studies & Asian American Studies Metzger, S.
ASIA: Middle East      
  1995 Arabic/Multicultural Approaches to Arab Literature Cooke, M.
  1998 War, Gender & Religion in the Middle East Cooke, M.
ROMANCE: France      
  1972 French Language & the Opera Ripley, H.
  1974 Franco-American Relations Tetel, J.
  1974 French & Political Science Tetel, J., Hull, & T. Spragens
ROMANCE: Italy      
  1975 Italian Literature & Modern Poetry Caserto, E.
  2003 Italian Cinema Design Creech, M.
ROMANCE: Latin America & Spain      
  1974 Latin-American Studies TePaske
  1987 Cultural Latin American Economics Smith, C.
  1994 Representations of Gender & Hispanic Culture Sieburth, S. & J. O'Barr
  2001 Soc Justice: Soc Movements in the US & Latin America Rudy, K
  2004 Latino/a Studies Litle, M.
  2007 Language, Culture & Literature: Spain & Russia Sieburth, S. & J. O'Barr
  2007 Latinidad Viego, A.
  1974 F. Dostoevsky & Rel. to World Literature & Thought Krynski, J.
  1975 Russian Culture & Economics Troml
  1977 Russian Area Studies  
  1992 Soviet Studies Naylor, T.
  2007 Language, Culture & Literature: Spain & Russia Sieburth, S. & J. O'Barr