Trinity College of Arts & Sciences at Duke University Program II

Online Application to Program II

Once you have identified an advisor and a list of core courses, you should be ready to prepare a formal application to Program II.  The application is organized in modules that can be worked on and completed in any order. You can save your work at any stage in the preparation of the application and return to your work at a later date.

The online application includes the following 6 modules:

  1.  a cover page with abstract.  The title of your program of study should be descriptive and as short as possible while still conveying a sense of what your program is about.
  2. a  list of your 15-18 Core Courses.  Your core course list will include those courses that enable you to explore your program topic thoroughly and well.  These courses form the core of your obligation to Program II.  Please list all cross-listings for each course in your core list. Also be sure to mark clearly the two courses that will constitute your required Senior Capstone Project.
  3. a Program II Long-Range Plan.  In this module of your application, you will present your long-range-plan as a Program II student.  It consists of a semester-by-semester chronological listing of your undergraduate course work, including both past course work and courses you intend to take in future semesters. In it you will mark your core courses and the courses you propose to take to fulfill the breadth requirement.
  4. a Personal Statement (4-6 pages long).  This is where you describe your proposed program of study and make your case for it.  In it you should emphasize your reasons for wanting to study your topic, your learning objectives as a Program II student over the remainder of your time at Duke, and the role each of your core courses plays in realizing your learning objectives. Do not attempt to justify your program's utility in preparing you for a career.  The Program II Committee is concerned about your intellectual development as a student at Duke.
  5. your thought about a two-semester Senior Capstone Project (SCP). The Program II committee values the inclusion of an SCP as the culmination of your self-designed curriculum. It is a way for you to tie together the various strands that constitute your program of study.
    As a Program II student you are expected to conduct a two-semester SCP  that enables you to explore a topic via a sustained, mentored project.  This can take the form of an honors thesis or other research project or some other project that may include a laboratory or performance component.
  6. a justification of the title of your Program II.  In this module you will briefly describle why you have chosen to call your Program II by the title you have selected, explaining why you think it suitibly descriptive of the topic of your program of study.

Beyond completion of these 6 modules, it is your responsibility to insure that  your faculty advisor completes the Advisor Statement of Support, using the form provided and addressing your qualifications to conduct your program of study, its feasibility and intellectual importance, and his or her willingness to serve as a mentor to you.  In addition the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) of the sponsoring department is expected to complet the Departmental Statement of Support, addressing the degree to which your program courses meet or fail to meet the requirements of the major in that discipline as well as the availability of the courses you propose to take in the department.

Sample Applications:

As you prepare your application for Program II, you may find it helpful to look at the following examples of successful applications from the past.  These are made available to you only to give you a sense of how other successful students have structured their applications; don't feel that you must lay out your program in exactly the same way.

If you have attended a Program II Information Session or met with Dean Murphey-Brown to discuss your ideas for a Program II,  you can request access to the new:

Application to Program II

Once you've gained access to the application, you can return to it whenever you want, by loggining in with your NetID at the bottom left of this page and then clicking on the link "Program II" that will appear at the very top  (left) of this page (above the black search banner).