Trinity College of Arts & Sciences at Duke University Program II

Letters to YOU from Duke Alumni Program II Majors

Anna Wu ’07

    • anna
Honestly, if you asked me as a Duke freshman what I thought I would be doing in five years, I could not have imagined the life I live today. My life right now consists of photographing people who are in love; getting paid to travel; and having freedom and…
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Tori Hogan ’04

    • tori
I was supposed to be a geneticist. I was certain about that. Or at least I was as certain as one can be at eighteen. I’d spent years as an overachieving high-school student interning in research labs at the National Institutes of Health instead of being a “regular” teenager.…
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Sonny Caberwal ’01

    • sonny
I started at Duke from a young age, as part of the TIP program, from seventh grade. While I always knew that I wanted to be at Duke, I didn't know what I wanted to learn. I started studying economics, but realized that wasn't where my heart was. What…
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