Program II has been a unique discussion point in interviews for internships and graduate schools.

I chose Program II because the question that fascinated me never fit neatly into any major.

Ultimately, I felt that PII could facilitate (my study aspirations), effectively starting me on the path towards making a difference in the lives of cancer patients.

Being a Program II'er means I'll always have a longwinded answer to the question "What's your major?" but it has also sparked all sorts of interesting conversations — during everything from competitive interviews to cab rides.

Program II has influenced my post-graduation plans mostly in the exposure that it's provided to new passions.

Duke's Program II encouraged me to explore things I truly believed in, and helped me develop skills that have proved invaluable in life, from raising financing, to creating proposals that bring an idea to life, to public speaking.

My life since graduation has been a beautiful adventure, thanks in large part to that seemingly random literature course I took at Duke.

Becoming a Program II student demanded independence and resourcefulness.