Program II is not a major, but rather an individualized degree program. Students admitted to Program II examine and explore an area of scholarship by designing their own unique program of study and fulfilling its requirements.

Our program complements the majors offered under Program I. We serve the needs of students whose intellectual interests cross departmental boundaries or who perceive areas of learning in clusters other than others offered in majors.

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Is Program II Right for You?

One thing that Program II students share in common is that their educational goals cannot be  satisfactorily fulfilled within Program I. In selecting Program II, you accept the challenge of designing your own individualized program of study and the responsibility for fulfilling its requirements. In return, you enjoy the benefits of focusing your undergraduate studies on what most excites you intellectually.

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Dates & Deadlines

Spring 2022 Information Sessions
Fall 2022 Application Deadline
  • Friday, October 7th (First Cycle)
  • Friday, November 4th (Second Cycle)
Spring 2022 Application Deadline
  • Friday, February 4th (First Cycle)
  • Friday, March 4th (Second Cycle)