Program Requirements

New Requirements for all Program II Applicants Approved in 2018:



Program II is not a major, but rather an individualized degree program distinct from Program I. Students admitted to Program II examine and explore an area of scholarship, often an interdisciplinary or emerging area of knowledge not generally available within Program I.

Degrees Offered

A Program II curriculum may lead to either the AB or BS degree; if you wish to pursue the BS degree, your Program II must be sponsored by a department that offers that degree.

Curriculum Depth Requirement

Curriculum depth is achieved by completing a set of core courses proposed by the applicant and approved by the Program II committee as fundamental to the topic of the proposed program. Within the defined area of study, core courses are meant to provide a structured learning experience:

  • The core curriculum will generally include 14-16 but no more than 18 courses
  • At least 8 of the courses must be at the advanced level (200 level or above)
  • Students must complete a two-semester Senior Capstone Project (SCP)

The SCP provides an opportunity for you to draw the strands of your interdisciplinary program together in pursuit of a sustained, mentored research or other project that will enable you to demonstrate what you have learned over the course of your undergraduate studies as a Program II student. Please consider whether in fulfillment of the SCP requirement you might want to pursue an honors thesis leading to your Graduation with Distinction in Program II.

Curriculum Breadth Requirement

Curriculum breadth is achieved over four years through course work that may or may not be related to the topic of the proposal but that strengthens the student's overall liberal arts education. Your core courses in Program II may contribute to the breadth requirement. Unless otherwise specifically requested and approved as part of the application, you must complete the same curriculum requirements in Program II as in Program I (i.e., areas of knowledge and modes of inquiry). A modification may be approved only if the Program II committee deems it appropriate to your academic and intellectual goals and is satisfied that you will still acquire academic exposure to each curriculum component found in Program I. Such a modification must be requested and approved as part of the application process; requests will not be considered after your Program II application has been approved.

Apart from the requirements arising from the approved plan, Program II students must satisfy all of the requirements listed and described in T-Reqs under Graduation Requirements, excepting the requirement of a major.